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When Users Hate Your CRM: What to Do


When Users Hate Your CRM: What to DoMost organizations try to take on too much, too quickly and without enough planning when they roll their CRM solution out.

Start with asking yourself (and others involved in key positions in the company) the question "If there was just one thing that we could do to improve our sales/ pipeline/ customer satisfaction, (or whichever area of the business needs focusing on).....What would it be?"

Keeping CRM simple is one of the great challenges because usually there are just so many things we want to fix in our business and we have no patience for waiting and working it.

Often a company will wait until the pain is so great before they embark on a CRM implementation, when there is a pent up need for fixing too many areas of the business. Even so, it's important that you focus on one to three things for the beginning phases of your new CRM.

I like to compare rolling out a CRM system to getting in shape: we simply want that slim, trim body and we don't want to work for it.

Putting all your energy (and that of your team) into the biggest and most problematic areas of the business to fix will give you the biggest return. And returns on investment are just what the CEO wants to see.

This applies to companies that have an existing CRM system that has fallen into disuse and desolation. Simply applying some focus around resolving "one thing" will re-energize the CRM within the company, giving the users something concrete to rely on ... and grow to love.

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Organizations need a strong plan with an effective internal communications component that focuses on what's in it for the organization, the customer, and most especially the employee expected to use the software.  
Second, this is about relationships, right? So the department responsible for the implementation should build effective relationships with end users creating feedback channels that will nip myths in the bud. User satisfaction surveys should be deployed at least annually and the feedback acted upon. Success stories should be shared. Get your butts out into the field and observe your end users in their native habitats, seek their input, then act upon it. Don't hide in your offices sending out emails demanding compliance.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 28, 2013 8:14 AM by Glenn
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