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Launching A New CRM: Where's Your Mama?


If you're launching a new CRM and you haven't selected your CRM "Mama", STOP!  No CRM system should be launched without one.  Don't consider proceeding without your "Mama" if you want your CRM system to pay the huge dividends that it can for your business.The CRM "Mama" serves as a lookout - monitoring the system

Of course the "Mama" could be actually be a man, but most often it is a female. The primary role of this person is to manage the data and ensure the system stays clean, organized and that everyone is playing their part in making the CRM valuable for the group.

One of the challenges in succeeding with a CRM implementation is that it requires a higher level of attention to detail than the typical systems used by front office workers. It is a centralized system so there must be more processes, systems, methodologies and other strategic components than an individual's personal Outlook.

The CRM "Mama" serves as a lookout - monitoring the system to ensure that the important details are entered consistently, alerting the appropriate people if any issues are found, etc.

Let's take a situation that could arise....

A sales guy loses a deal and therefore he changes his Opportunity Status to "Lost".  But that is not the end of the effort that may need to happen to wrap up the process completely. There might be an internal policy in place that when a sale is lost the prospect is added to a marketing list, so a few field changes may need to happen to ensure that the record is switched.

This type of job is better done by an individual with administrative background versus a sales person - who may not have the same attention to system details, as he is back on the trail of a new sale.

Should your company wish to send a marketing piece to all prospects that didn't buy, then certain things will have to take place to make this step fast and easy. An automated alert could be set up so that when the sales guy loses a deal, the CRM "Mama" can quickly and easily make the necessary changes to the CRM so that the business can continue to evolve.

With a CRM "Mama" in place you will be well-positioned to start taking advantage of a CRM system and all that it has to offer. While getting into a CRM can seem somewhat overwhelming, keeping the entire front-end set of business transactions running through personal Outlook systems is a precarious situation for companies to find themselves in.  With a CRM "Mama" in place you will be well-positioned to start taking advantage of a CRM system and all that it has to offer. 



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